Why do I have to buy a dozen? I can't eat that much by myself.

Because my orders are customized, I require a minimum order. The good news is you can freeze the rest of almost everything. Just wrap the items tightly in plastic wrap or a freezer bag, then store in an airtight container in the freezer.

Do you offer delivery?

No. We will arrange a mutually convenient time for pick up when you place your order. We are centrally located in the Garden Oaks neighborhood in Houston, TX.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I place an order?

Call 832-656-8648 to place an order. Because we are working with special diets, it's important for me to talk to you to ensure that I know your needs.

Can you decorate birthday cakes?

My cake prices include basic piping around the top and bottom edges and writing if desired, except where noted.  Additional charges will apply for custom designs.  I do not offer fondant covered cakes, but do offer some fondant decor items. 

Do you offer other allergy accommodations?

Yes! Some of our items can be made dairy- free, which is indicated by an asterisk on the menu. All of our products are already nut-fee (see note about coconut below). Most items are soy free, some can be made egg-free. Please NOTE that I do use dairy, soy and eggs on my equipment.  Please discuss in detail any allergies you may have when placing your order.

Isn't coconut a tree nut? 

In 2006, the FDA classified it as a tree nut, but the incidence of coconut allergy is not typically associated with tree nut allergies. If you are tree nut allergic, consult with your doctor if you are unsure. Some items contain coconut. 


Is your kitchen gluten-free?

All of my equipment is new and dedicated gluten-free and nut-free. I store all ingredients and equipment in a new, dedicated cabinet. Although we do eat some gluten and nuts in our home, I am very diligent about avoiding cross contamination. I hand wash all equipment only after scrubbing our sink. I use a dedicated sponge, gloves, and towels, and I don't ever use wheat flour in my kitchen.  Anything that touches nuts (including hands) is washed in a separate sink/dishwasher or is disposable.