Choose your flavor below: $30/dozen


*Apple Cinnamon Streusel: Fresh apples with golden raisins and cinnamon.

*Pumpkin Streusel: Pumpkin and spice and everything nice!

*Banana Streusel: Fresh bananas with cinnamon and nutmeg. 

* Blueberry: Juicy blueberries with a hint of lemon, topped with coarse sugar.

* Pear Ginger: Fresh pears and crystallized ginger baked into a tender muffin. 

Snack Pack Minis: Same flavors and price as above, but baked into 36 mini muffins. Great for school birthday celebrations and snacks!

Menu and Pricing

Please place your order a minimum of 2 business days in advance.  Occasional exceptions can be made,

based on availability. Weekends book quickly!  Call 832-656-8648. 


*Apple Pie: Fresh Granny Smith apples, cinnamon, homemade gluten-free crust and a sinful crumb topping! This can also be made VEGAN! $32 


*Chocolate Chip, *Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, *Oatmeal Raisin, *Oatmeal, *Coconut Lime

Sugar,  *Gingersnap, *Snickerdoodle, Cut out Sugar Cookies

$22/dozen, or get two dozen of the same flavor, with same allergen accommodations, for $36

*Frosted Cut out Sugar Cookies:(Allow a minimum of 3 business days) Simply frosted with one color: $33/dozen, or get two dozen with the same color and allergen accommodations for $60. 

Customized designs quoted upon request.



Standard Flavors: $36/dozen

Premium Flavors: $40/dozen

Get $5 off the second dozen when you order two dozen with the same flavor, frosting and allergen accommodations!

Price includes your choice of colored sanding sugar. Having a themed party? We can create specialty cupcakes for your event! Prices vary based on final design.  Please allow 2 weeks' notice for custom creations. 


6" round 2 layer cake (6-8 large slices, up to 12 small slices) Standard-$40, Premium-$45

8" round 2 layer cake (12-16 large slices, up to 24 small slices) Standard-$50, Premium-$57

​10" round 2 layer cake (18-24 large slices, up to 36 small slices) Standard-$68, Premium-$76

1/4 sheet cake single layer (24- 2" x 2" slices, or 36 small slices) Standard-$70, Premium-$78

1/2 sheet cake single layer (36-2" x 2" slices, or 48 small slices) Standard-$82/$92



*Aunt Ruby's Brownies: My favorite childhood brownie recipe from my 

Aunt Ruby, reinvented gluten-free; rich and fudgey!

Select a size! A batch is 12 jumbo brownies, 24 regular or 48 petites. $36/batch

Flavor variations: Raspberry (ribbon of raspberry preserves (contains seeds) swirled in) or

                               Dulce de Leche (caramel swirl)-$40/batch


*Can be made dairy-free. All items are free of peanuts and tree nuts (some contain coconut). Many items can be made egg-free. Vegan options include chocolate, carrot, and hummingbird.  Allergen accommodations outside our normal menu, such as corn-free, are available for an additional charge. 


 *Buttery yellow cake with chocolate buttercream; a timeless classic!

  *Funfetti Vanilla! Our vanilla cake with rainbow colored sprinkles swirled inside!

*Chocolate: Don't long for your chocolate fix anymore! Rich chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.

*Coconut: Delightful coconut cake with vanilla buttercream, with top and sides covered in coconut. 

 *Vanilla: The way your Grandma made it, iced with vanilla buttercream.

*Hummingbird: An old family favorite, with cinnamon, pineapple, bananas, and  cream cheese frosting.


*NEW!! 10th Anniversary Snickerdoodle Cake! Our amazing vanilla cake with bursts of cinnamon sugar throughout, frosted with cinnamon vanilla buttercream.

Ding Dong Cake: Dark chocolate cake with light, creamy filling and an irresistible chocolate ganache topping. 

*German Chocolate cake : This dessert style cake is 3 layers of sweet German Chocolate cake, filled and topped with that caramel coconut frosting you adore! No pecans, but you won't miss 'em!  The layers peek through on the sides, and no piped edges. 

* Cookies and Cream: Just what you imagine it to be! Gluten-free chocolate sandwich cookies crushed between layers of chocolate cake, with vanilla buttercream and cookie crumbs.

*Carrot: Fresh grated carrots baked into spiced cake, with cream cheese frosting

*Lemon or Lime: Pucker up! Bright lemon or lime cake with fresh lemon or lime buttercream. 

*Strawberry Lemonade: Delicious lemon cake frosted with strawberry buttercream. 

*Red Velvet: A Southern classic, reinvented and iced with cream cheese frosting.

*Vanilla Bean: Vanilla bean cake with vanilla bean buttercream...sweet simplicity! **NOTE: Due to a sharp price increase for vanilla beans, there is an upgrade charge for this flavor. Please inquire about pricing before ordering. 

Italian Cream Cake: Lovely, traditional Italian Cream with coconut, but NO nuts! Iced with cream cheese frosting.